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Towaco, NJ 07082

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Available Parts

Air Compressors:

We offer both simplex and duplex air compressors for standard and narrow gauge applications.

Boiler Parts:

We offer many parts including water glass assemblies, boiler check valves, hot water and cold water pumps, and superheater units.


We offer dynamos for standard and narrow gauge applications.

Fire Doors:

We offer air operated butterfly fire doors for both hand-fired and stoker-fired locomotives


We offer a variety of steam locomotive headlights and lamps.


We have both lifting and non-lifting injectors in a variety of sizes.


We offer automatic and hydrostatic mechanical lubricators in a variety of sizes

Narrow Gauge Parts:

We offer a variety of parts for your narrow gauge steam locomotive from 15" to 3' gauge as well as meter gauge applications.

Reverse Gear:

We offer power reverse gears for your small, medium, and large sized steam locomotive.

Steam Whistles:

We carry (usually in stock and ready to ship) an assortment of steam whistles in 3 chime, 5 chime, cast iron, or brass varieties. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Stoker Parts:

We offer stoker tables, screws, and stoker assembly units for your stoker-fired steam locomotive.

Other Miscellaneous Parts:

We also offer axles, brakes, passenger car trucks, wheels, etc. and assorted railroad accessories and collectables. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Custom Parts:

Can't find what you're looking for? We also can custom fabricate many parts to your specifications.

NOTE: Multipower International, Inc. stocks hundreds of thousands of parts for standard and narrow gauge applications. We only list the most popular parts and accessories. If you need a part please do not hesitate to inquire at: info@multipowerinternational.com



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